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Claps - Gluten Free Claps For Melodic House & Techno

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I'm super proud to present a neat little pack of what might just be my favourite claps ever! Well suited for the melodic house and techno genres, you're getting a range of different style claps. From dark & percussive sounding, to tight and snappy, to natural hand claps, and pre-shifted claps. There should be the perfect option for any style or genre. The pack is small but I chose to spend my time on quality rather than quantity.

Lastly, these claps are 100% certified gluten-free! We achieved this through a process whereby we take the freshly cooked clap samples, tie them to a chair and scream at them until the gluten gets annoyed and exits the sample willingly.


  • 8 Dark Claps
  • 6 Hand Claps
  • 3 Pre-Shifted Claps
  • 10 Snappy Claps
You will get a ZIP (2MB) file


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Dean Hollis - Alienbeardvibes

3 weeks ago

Great Pack

fantastic pack love it


Verified Buyer

4 months ago

5-Star Review

Dude I love these. This is a perfect amount of samples also. if there is too many its easy to get lost, but here you can narrow it down to a select number of very well crafted samples. The price is also affordable. Will def buy more sample stuff from you.(hope to see some hats,toms++) :)

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