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Lauren L'aimant - Vocal Hooks

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Lauren L'aimant is a songwriter, vocalist, and producer with credits on some of the biggest names and labels in the industry. She's established her name working with multiple artists on labels like Anjunadeep, Odd One Out, Purified, UKF, Hospital, Enhanced, and more. Her warm, deep, and soulful vocals bring profound emotion to everything they touch. 

When imagining this vocal pack, the ultimate goal was to provide the producer with the feeling that they were in the studio with Lauren in true collaboration style. To achieve this we provided both dry and wet samples for ultimate flexibility, as well as doubles, harmonies, and backing vocals for a select number of hooks.

The addition of a folder containing toplines and full vocals really makes this pack stand out. Providing you with the opportunity to build more complete and cohesive ideas. We also included a huge amount of ad-libbed "oohs" and "aahs", as well as atmospheres to really help tie everything together.

The flexibility of this pack makes it fit seamlessly into any genre. So whether you're producing progressive house, breakbeat, hip-hop, melodic techno, tech house, or garage, this pack will take your records to a whole new level.


  • 76 Unique vocal hooks - dry and wet.
  • Harmonies, backing vocals, and doubles are included in a select number of hooks.
  • 57 Unique vocal adlibs (Oohs and Aaahs) - dry and wet.
  • 6 Toplines & Full Vocals (including doubles, harmonies, and backing vocals).
  • 10 Vocal Atmospheres
  • Split up into BPM ranges of 100, 115, 124, and 135.
  • Total of 395 samples

Please note you may NOT use the name, image, or likeness of Lauren L'aimant in any way without their express written permission.
You will get a ZIP (576MB) file