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Remarkable Sounds

With millions of streams and records signed to mainstay labels in the melodic house & techno space. Bound to Divide along with a number of extremely talented sound designers bring you the best in premium quality presets and samples.

Artist Kicks Vol. 2 - Deep & Organic Kicks Recreated From Your Favourite Records


Bass Lab - Serum Presets For Melodic House And Techno


Gentle Hats - Hi-hats And Shakers Without The Harsh Resonances


Claps - Gluten Free Claps For Melodic House & Techno


Artist Kicks - Recreated Kicks From Your Favourite Songs


Oceans - Melodic House & Techno Presets for Vital


Purity - Melodic House Presets for Serum


Visions - Melodic House & Techno Presets for u-he Diva


Dreams - Melodic House & Techno Presets for Serum


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