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Oceans - Melodic House & Techno Presets for Vital

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Oceans is a melodic house & techno preset pack for the all-powerful new synth on the market Vital. Maximum effort went into the creation of each and every preset in this pack. Making use of its endless modulatuon possibilities to bring forth sounds that will inspire you to create effortlessly. Drawing inspiration from labels like Anjunadeep, Afterlife, Colorize, Still Vor Talent and more -  you can expect to hear warm, evolving, gritty and analog-sounding patches.

Made with Vital version: 1.0.7


  • 8 Arpeggios
  • 14 Basses
  • 4 Keys
  • 13 Leads
  • 14 Plucks
  • 7 Pads
  • 60 Presets in total
  • + Bonus Demo Ableton 11 Project File

Ableton Project file info:

  • Made with Ableton Live 11 version 11.0.10
  • 3rd party plugins used: Trackspacer 2.5 
You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (18MB)
  • ZIP (45MB)


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Verified Buyer

7 months ago

Great thought out pack

A very great pack to work with any music genre

Vincenzo Attanasio

Verified Buyer

11 months ago

Wonderfull presets

I always follow BTD on social media and everything he does he does professionally.
The pack of presets is fantastic, each preset is made with quality down to the smallest detail.


Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Amazing sounds

Great work - love it!


Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Very nice

Really loved it.. amazing pack


Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Even better than expected!

When I picked this up, I knew it would be good, but I was actually surprised how many sounds I liked right out of the box. Usually preset packs are starting points that inspire you, then you start tweaking. This was that, yes, but for many of them, I immediately loved them as-is. I found myself wondering if it's "ok" if I use presets in my music without changing them to "make them my own." I have NEVER wondered that before. I am always compelled to make at least very small tweaks. It’s no question whether I’d recommend this

Also, as perhaps a side note, I use Vital as my main synth -- I use it a lot. With most of the presets I've gotten for it, whether free or purchased, it's like the producer is trying to use every feature the synth has to make the most complex sound. Also, there will be many many custom and strange wave tables and samples used. They are made such that each patch sounds really cool by itself, but they are way too busy to use as-is. So, I end up using those sounds for inspiration and tend to remove a lot of the fancy stuff. Then, I notice when I turn off half the effects, the patch sounds practically the same. With these presets, however, I was really impressed with their simplicity. I’m hearing a great sound, and when I look at the patch, I might see a single saw wave with very little modulation, and the effects rack only has a few effects. But if I turn anything off, I can immediately tell how well each effect was used. Not only that, but I know each is done well/skillfully because at first glance it looks like something I’ve made, but the variations done by a better designer than myself are the difference between a “usable” or “acceptable” sound to one that makes your pupils go wide – instant enjoyment and inspiration.

Great, great work, Jules!


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