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Project 20 (Early Access)

Join me as I write an entire album from start all the way through to signed and scheduled for release. Watch the livestreams. Download the project files.

20 Tracks In 20 Days

Hey! I'm Bound to Divide, a producer with millions of streams and records signed to labels like Enhanced, Colorize, Monstercat Silk, Sekora, Enormous Tunes, UV and more. You may also know me from my extensive YouTube tutorials and livestreams. In this course you get to watch me over the course of 20 days while I write a full track from start to finish every day. My goal - form an Album from 6-8 of the best song ideas from this series.

Watch the videos, download the project files, learn.

One of the greatest learning tools in my experience is reverse engineering other people's project files. Cracking open the lid on a professionally produced project and seeing how it was put together, the processing chains, the sound design, seeing how it's mixed firsthand, and getting your hands on the sounds used within. There's so much to learn and take away from this, I only wish these types of resources were more readily available when I was getting started!

See the label submission and signing process

Not only do you get to watch me create the initial ideas. You also get to see me:

  • Select the best tracks
  • Polish and mix them
  • Submit them to record labels
  • Implement A&R feedback

Seeing the entire process is incredibly rare...

And it's the kind of insight I wish I had when I was learning to produce! How often do you get to watch somebody write an entire album from start all the way through to release?

This journey is going to be incredibly challenging and rewarding, and I can't wait to take you along for the ride! Let's get started...

Course curriculum

New videos and downloads added in the days following each stream.

For less than £15 per Livestream, you're getting:

  1. Access to the Livestream recording.
  2. Access to the original Ableton Live project file.
  3. Access to all the samples in the project file which you can use royalty-free.
  4. Access to all the presets in the project file which you can use royalty-free.
  5. BONUS: Follow-up videos showing all the tweaks I make to get the tracks I choose for the album completely polished, mastered, and ready for release.
  6. BONUS: See the record label submission process, A&R feedback, and how I implement the feedback (if any).
  7. BONUS: If I decide to use any vocals you will see the process of working with a real singer, from initial idea to fully mixed vocals!

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Some Things To Take Note Of

This course is currently in the pre-order phase. As the livestreams commence new videos and project files will be uploaded to the course. All project files are being created using Ableton Live Suite 11.2.6 and a large variety of third-party VST plugins. If you are missing any of these plugins or have an outdated plugin or Ableton version then you may run into errors.