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Atmospheres - Tonal Atmospheres, Dirt, & Rhythms

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Tonal Atmospheres, Dirt, & Rhythms - everything you need to fill out the background of your tracks and put them into a "world". When I made this pack I wanted to create individual pad sounds that can be mixed and matched in whichever way the producer sees fit, enabling you to create endless, unique atmospheres for your track. Just check out the demo to see an example of what's possible!

We also included some tops and rhythms which are basically just rhythmic "happy accidents" that give your track that perfect imperfection, and character that it needs to keep it feeling more alive and less clean and digital.

The background dirt folder is also there to add a bit of grit and dusty imperfection to your tracks using things like noise, intentional ground loop hum and hiss, and room ambiance.


  • 31 Atmos Tops & Rhythms
  • 10 Background Dirt Samples
  • 48 Out-of-this-world Tonal Atmospheres

You will get a ZIP (246MB) file