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Ableton Live 11 Course: Afro Melodic House Start To Finish With Bound to Divide

Follow along as we build a groovy melodic afro house style track together.

About The Tutor

Bound to Divide is an established producer, DJ, and educator with records signed to multiple reputable labels like Enhanced, Colorize, Monstercat Silk, Sekora, UV, Enormous Tunes, Manual, and more. He also has a successful YouTube channel where he teaches music production and does production livestreams.

Final Track Preview

About The Course

The basis of this course is that we aren't just simply doing a project breakdown of an already-made track. We build the track together, completely from scratch so that you can learn in the most effective and practical way way.

  • We provide you with all the samples and presets used throughout the course
  • Together we build the initial 16 bar loop idea
  • We then take the loop through to full arrangement using a reference track as a template
  • We then add detail and final touches ready to mix and master
  • And finally, we mix and master the track together, ready for release

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Course curriculum

Software Requirements

  • Xfer Serum VST3 version 1.357
  • Live 11 Suite version 11.2.7